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DWF244278 - The Five W's of Petitions and Exception Management Considering implementing exception management in Degree Works? This session will cover the 5 W's of exception management as deployed at Southern Oregon University. We will discuss 1) WHAT the difference is between a petition and an exception; 2) WHY petitions and exceptions are needed; 3) WHO enters petitions and WHO applies those petitions to audit requirements; 4) WHEN petitions and exceptions are to be entered; and 5) WHERE in Degree Works that the data entry is done. This is a basic introduction for new/potential Degree Works users. Note that this session is given twice: reference DWF264787. 1 Hour DWF Presentation MaryAnn Neely
Katrina Highland
DWF249289 - A Long Way to Go and a Short Time to Get There Missouri Southern State University (MSSU) will discuss how we implemented Degree Works in 10 months with a very small team. Previously using CAPP for over 10 years, we will discuss some surprises (good and bad) we encountered along the implementation journey, particularly regarding a few business processes that had to be adjusted. Other topics include: training the campus, communication/marketing, and migrating exceptions from CAPP. We will also share a few secrets that contributed greatly to this project’s success that you can use too! 1 Hour DWF Presentation April Martin
Cheryl Dobson
DWF249347 - Crazy Curriculum Changes: Changing Curriculum for All Students What happens when the curriculum committee makes major changes to the Gen Ed requirements for all students mid-semester? Learn how we implemented a transitional curriculum for current students while tracking their original catalogs for Majors/ Minors. This session will cover required mass changes to curriculum in Banner’s SFAREGS for all students and the impacts of these curricular changes in Degree Works. Will discuss SURECODE entry for STU035: Degree Works Catalog Year in order to differentiate transitional students from new students. 1 Hour DWF Presentation Dante Shields
Patricia Chaffin
DWF249369 - Leveraging SEP to Support Guided Pathways Tompkins Cortland Community College, a member of the SUNY system, has been using the Degree Works Student Educational Planner (SEP) with all incoming students for the past three years. This presentation will provide a brief overview of the Guided Pathways model, and will cover the basics of how TC3 uses SEP effectively to set students on a pathway to program completion beginning when they first enter the college. 1 Hour DWF Presentation Katrina Campbell
DWF249742 - BOF - DW System Administration and Maintenance This session will provide a venue for campuses that belong to a state system to discuss issues/concerns that affect them. From upgrading to a new release, to moving Scribe/Surecode changes from development to production, each state system has it's own rules/regulations. Networking and learning how other systems administer their Degree Works environments provides each participant with a greater perspective on how to keep their environment running most efficiently and provides connections to reach out to with future questions. 75 Minutes DWF Birds of a Feather Dawn Bookhout
DWF250359 - Student Educational Plans: Managing the Project and Leveraging the Data In spring 2018 Texas A&M University-Central Texas completed a project which created a Student Educational Plan (SEP) for every undergraduate student. Join us as we (1) outline our approach to this project and related work to lay the foundation for this effort, (2) demonstrate the types of data and reports now being generated and (3) discuss how we are leveraging the information from these SEPs to strategically plan our enrollment efforts (including projecting course enrollments). Note that this session is given twice: reference DW264785 1 Hour DWF Presentation Isaiah Vance
Hannah McDonald
DWF250442 - Monitor Your Candidates Progress using Degree Works and Self-Service Banner It starts with the student completing the Banner graduation application that creates the degree record. The degree data is extracted to DW and displayed in the audit. For all candidates, the DW audit percent complete is sent back to Banner and stored in a Supplemental Data Engine (SDE) field on the degree record. A Candidate Listing SSB page is available for each advisor that lists their students and the associated DW audit percent complete for each degree. We also use a SDE field for alerts if a student's percentage falls below a threshold. 1 Hour DWF Presentation Coleen Karle
DWF250751 - BOF - When Opportunity Knocks – Revisit, Reimagine, Reinvigorate See how Mercy College utilized the information from previous Degree Works Forums to reinvigorate and increase communication among stakeholders. We will discuss Mercy College’s unique team and how they reevaluated usage throughout transition. Through software updates, leadership, & IT changes Mercy took the opportunity to conduct a post implementation assessment to ensure the platform is used to its fullest extent. If your institution is looking to share ways to collaborate and enhance your Degree Works experience, join us for this session. 75 Minutes DWF Birds of a Feather Leighann VanDeBogart
Stephanie Richards
DWF251921 - The revolving door . . . surviving staff changes with Degree Works Are you new to or transitioning into a Degree Works position? This session will provide tips and tricks on how to successfully transition into a Degree Works functional role and hit the ground running. We will review the lessons learned from supporting the 59 campuses in the SUNY system, including test plans and Scribe standards. 1 Hour DWF Presentation Danielle Beach
DWF252250 - Managing your Institution's Curricula definitions, codes and processes Keeping your curricula definitions is no longer a simple matter of loading your Degree Works tables from your SIS. Now you may have an online catalog system, Banner and a degree audit process, ALL of which depend on you being able to keep the definitions consistent and up-to-date. Come see how we manage the process using workflows and careful communications across the institution. We use CourseLeaf, Banner and Degree Works but the processes are not specific to these products. 1 Hour DWF Presentation Christian Rapp
DWF252314 - Understanding the SEP Tables The purpose of this presentation is to explore how next generation student plans are stored in the database. We will go over the basic structure of the SEP_PLAN tables and explore different questions to determine how to query the data. This understanding can be used to better understand and write reports for Degree Works plans. 1 Hour DWF Presentation Kirk Aebersold
DWF252316 - BOF - Technical This BOF session is to discuss the technical aspects of the Degree Works application with other Institutions. We would like to hear some of your strategies and best practices for planning and executing upgrades, localizations, clones, etc. Whether you have been using Degree Works for a while or you are just exploring the idea, come join us and share your knowledge! 75 Minutes DWF Birds of a Feather Shawn Weaver
DWF252366 - Small Team Producing Big Results Managing 59 campuses for the SUNY System seems like a daunting task especially if your technical team is made up of only four people. This session will demonstrate the ways in which the SUNY SICAS Center provides a solid foundation of support for campuses using different SIS’s (Banner, Colleague, and others using RAD11 bridge). Support provided by the Degree Works team includes patches, upgrades , training, and technical. 1 Hour DWF Presentation Brian Crandall
DWF252378 - Setting the Table for Success: Validating Degree Works with Your Community Congratulations, you've made the strategic decision to implement Degree Works to your institution's degree auditing & advising process. Whether you're new to Degree Works or a continuing institution, validating the curriculum (Scribe) is a crucial, ongoing step to make sure the correct information is being displayed. You might be surprised there are differences between the advertised catalog requirements and what is advised/accepted. This crucial step will keep naysayers at bay and ensure a smooth operating environment with accurate curriculum. 1 Hour DWF Presentation Corey Witt
DWF252422 - Scribe Smarter, Not Harder The new catalog’s here! The new catalog’s here! You’re as excited as Steve Martin in The Jerk. Finally you can start making changes to existing programs and begin scribing newly approved programs. With only one scriber, 200+ degree programs, and academic departments wanting their degree audits live yesterday, Missouri Southern State University (MSSU) will share tips for making scribe maintenance quick and easy. Tips include: if/then statements, messages for discontinued programs, and using OTHER blocks for applicant programs. Note that this session is given twice: reference DWF264784 1 Hour DWF Presentation April Martin
DWF252662 - BOF - Functional and Technical Responsibilities Have you ever wondered what roles and responsibilities are required for either functional or technical users to keep Degree Works up and running? Are you not a FunkyTech or work with a FunkyTech? Or would you like to better define the procedures for normal operations? Come discuss with your peers in an open topic environment where we talk about best practices regarding responsibilities. 75 Minutes DWF Birds of a Feather Shawn Weaver
DWF252671 - Advisor Training: Navigating Student Matriculation to Degree Completion How do you create opportunities for assimilation of information and open discussions with your academic advisors? We conducted an in-depth study of our university culture and perceived needs of advisors relating to Degree Works, academic advising, and the students' customer service experience. The information gleaned from the study led to the development of a four tier informational program on Degree Works, registrar forms, functions, and advising tools to train our faculty and staff advisors to better serve our students. 1 Hour DWF Presentation Patricia Chaffin
Dante Shields
DWF252688 - BOF - Guided Pathways As more schools start the conversation about guided pathways, we, as the supposed experts in all things Banner and Degree Works, are left with figuring out how to turn that concept into something that can be defined and implemented in Banner and/or Degree Works. Let’s get together and bounce some ideas around about how you are handling guided pathways on your campuses. 75 Minutes DWF Birds of a Feather Virginia Chomiak
Cathy Tessier
DWF252768 - Past, Present, and Future: Bannerextract Localization WVU was experiencing an issue with students that were matriculating from a UG to GR audit. They were admitted to their new GR program, but had not yet graduated from their UG program. Since they had been admitted, Degree Works was replacing their UG present UG audit with their future GR audit. We developed a localization in the bannerextract.config that allows Degree Works users to see the present and future audits. As an added bonus, we also included degrees that had been previously awarded at the institution. 1 Hour DWF Presentation Patrick Hathaway
DWF252929 - Implementing SEP to Successfully Leverage the Student Experience at AUC Do you want to enhance your student's advising experience? Do you want to know how the American University in Cairo successfully implemented SEP to positively impact the advising process? Join us in this session to walk you through our journey of executing SEP, from planning to production, focusing on the challenges faced and how we managed to overcome them. We were also able to proactively identify at-risk students and have a positive impact on the student experience during advising by enabling students to plan better for their graduation. 1 Hour DWF Presentation Mirna Tawfilis
DWF252932 - Declaring a Major using the SEP at Berea College Berea College, a small liberal arts college in Kentucky, implemented a college-wide initiative to require a Student Educational Plan (SEP) to help guide students toward steady degree progression and completion. Submission of the plan, which must be approved by an academic advisor, is part of the college’s declaration of major process. This session will discuss and review the key decisions that were made during the implementation phase and provide an overview of the process. Implementation of the SEP replaced a paper process. 1 Hour DWF Presentation Scott Steele
Kathy Wallace
Amanda Leger
DWF252933 - Implementing Degree Works, eh? Find out why Saint Mary’s University, an Atlantic Canadian institution with approximately 8000 students, was ready to begin “phasing out” CAPP and introducing Degree Works. In this session we will discuss our main reasons for choosing Degree Works, what our goals for the project were, what we have accomplished so far, and our future plans. We'll also discuss where we made changes, why we made those changes, and what lessons we learned along the way. 1 Hour DWF Presentation Aimee Robinson
Cheryl Howley
DWF252939 - BOF - Using Degree Works to Clear Students for Graduation If you are using Degree Works as part of your graduation check process or not - let's discuss how to get us all working together and our best Degree Works graduation practices. 75 Minutes DWF Birds of a Feather Crystal Elster
DWF253010 - Welcome to the Neighborhood! Degree Works has one of the most active, collaborative Communities on the Ellucian Hub. There is no need to go it alone, whether it is administration or scribing, when somebody else has already faced the same hurdles and figured out a way to overcome them. This session goes through how to set up an Ellucian Hub account, ask questions of the Community, respond to questions, submit Ideas, and initiate cases with the Support Center. 1 Hour DWF Presentation Olga Franzoni
DWF253053 - RoundTable - The Impact of DW on Advising and Student Experiences In spring 2017 with an enrollment of 8,209 students, a 4-year public university in southwest Texas adopted and implemented the use of the Ellucian degree works program. Since the rollout of the program, 9,344 students and 171 advisors have accessed Degree Works over a period of three semesters. The purpose of this discussion is to assess the impact of the Degree Works program from the perspective of academic advisors and students and to make recommendations to help streamline the advising process and set best practices for the product. 75 Minutes DFW Roundtable Kathleen VanDyke
Elizabeth Marion
DWF253068 - Managing Policy Review and Communication For Southern Oregon University, DegreeWorks unearthed some forgotten catalog policies, creating a great opportunity to review our policies and create a process that is encouraging discussions at every level. We want to share with you the evolution of our processes and if we could go back in time, what we would have done differently. Come learn from our experiences and even take some time to brainstorm solutions for your own policy management process. 1 Hour DWF Presentation Katrina Highland
DWF253202 - Using Banner Extract to Solve Transfer Credit Outside of Equiv Terms Issue Join this session for a creative solution to the common issue of transfer credit awarded for terms outside your institutions equivalent terms (SCADETL for Banner schools) not automatically applying in audits. Instead of going through the tedious process of manually modifying and maintaining CFG 070 or complicating the transcript review process by researching and awarding old equivalencies, Volunteer State Community College added SQL to the Banner Extract to convert data in Degree Works at import. 1 Hour DWF Presentation Tim Amyx
Amber Regan
Stephanie Coker
DWF253210 - Scribe Changes to Improve Audits for CPOS, Advising, and Graduation We went live with Degree Works back in 2013 and implemented CPOS for Fall 2018. Join us to learn what errors we found and corrected in Degree Works to eliminate CPOS problems. We’ll also be discussing how we’ve continued to update Scribe to improve the CPOS process while limiting the need for both individual student CPOS overrides by scribing custom program prerequisite blocks and exceptions by revising the process by which we articulate transfer credit. These changes have also increased the efficiency of advising and graduation audits! 1 Hour DWF Presentation Amber Regan
Tim Amyx
DWF253217 - Essentials of Degree Works Success El Paso Community College’s (EPCC) Degree Works team will provide an overview of our one-year implementation process. We’ll share some of our ingredients for success including our team selection, leadership, level of time and commitment, and internal strategies used for institutional buy-in. Our team will highlight the hurdles and challenges we needed to resolve in-house with our data, business processes, and policies – or lack thereof! This project brought about new, improved, and changed business processes and policies and positively affected change in multiple areas of the college. Degree Works has left a positive ever improving impact on our College’s internal business practices which greatly increased the internal cohesiveness as well. Since implementing, we have had to do a complete overhaul and cleanup of our catalog and revamped roles and responsibilities. Additionally, EPCC has developed workflows to ensure consistency and efficiency and formulated institutional best practices and guidelines. 1 Hour DWF Presentation Cassandra Lachica-Chavez
Rebecca Luna
Jen VanGilder
Yvette Huerta
Celina Uranga Gomez
Fernando Mata
DWF253255 - Student Engagement: Path to Success Today’s graduation rates are staggering in terms of how low they are - only 5% of students at Community Colleges graduate within 2 years; only 19% of students in 4-year public programs are on time, and only 36% of students in private institutions graduate on time. Helping students get on the right path, stay on track, and graduate on time requires proactive and personalized engagement, data insights, and automated task management. To address these challenges, CRM Advise and Degree Works are enhancing existing integration and functionality to better help students before they head off-track. This session will demonstrate new engagement opportunities available with upcoming integration enhancements between CRM Advise and Degree Works. 1 Hour DWF Presentation Kimberly Bloomston
Charlynda Winkley
DWF253270 - Scribing Graduate Level Programs This presentation will demonstrate how requirements specific to Graduate level programs can be scribed. Particular attention will be given to non-course requirements, such as comprehensive examinations and thesis submission, which contribute to the program progress bar reaching 100%. Regarding course requirements, the issue of scribing for “thesis option” vs. “project option” vs. “course only option” without an indicator on the student record will be addressed as well as students switching options mid-program. 1 Hour DWF Presentation Helen Jacobson
DWF253520 - Scribe, At Every Level Three presentations in one! Scribe at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels will be explained with multiple examples to fully demonstrate key concepts. This presentation will have something for everyone who uses Scribe. 1 Hour DWF Presentation Michael Moore
Sommer Alexander
Helen Jacobson
DWF253522 - Reporting Degree Works Data Degree Works generates a lot of data that you and other campus constituents can utilize to make decisions. Come to this presentation to learn where to find important data, how to connect it back to SIS data, and see examples of several reports. 1 Hour DWF Presentation Michael Moore
DWF253595 - No Humans Needed: Completely Automated Graduation using Degree Works Stockton University clears their graduation applicants through an entirely automated, homegrown system. Having done this with CAPP since 2011, Stockton capitalized on the CPA reporting structure to move the graduation clearance process from CAPP to Degree Works. Join us for a funky-tech presentation of the workflow and behind the scenes reports and processes that Stockton uses to build this system and seamlessly move students from applicant status to cleared for graduation without reviewing individual audits or spreadsheets. Note that this session is given twice: reference DWF264782 1 Hour DWF Presentation Brittany Jenniss
DWF253596 - BOF - Implementing and Utilizing Transfer Equivalency Self Service Stockton University has experienced great success with Degree Works Transfer Equivalency Self Service (TREQ). With over 2500 hits on the product in the first 9 months of implementation, Transfer Equivalency has become a keen advising and marketing tool for this university in Southern New Jersey. Gather your questions and your suggestions, and join us for a birds of a feather discussion about transfer equivalency self service. Topics will include implementation, usage, scribe, product marketing, and more. 75 Minutes DWF Birds of a Feather Brittany Jenniss
DWF253796 - Maximizing Current Technology in Guided Pathways Using Templates Implementation of Guided Pathways begins with program mapping. Degree Works templates provide an immediate solution for implementation without purchasing additional technology. Degree Works templates provide a functional home for program maps so that users can view real-time information of courses needed for program completion while ensuring accuracy. Presentation will cover templates for Guided Pathways, tags allowing users a meta-major filter, and data extract making it possible to upload program maps to websites for public display. Note that this session is given twice: reference DWF264781 1 Hour DWF Presentation Sara Mestas
Chuong Tran
Matthew Bidart
Caron Gomes
DWF254267 - Best Practices for Using Degree Works and Banner CPoS This session will provide insight regarding the Banner Courses in Program of Study (CPoS) and Degree Works interaction, API, how data is pushed/pulled, examine practical scenarios in Degree Works that will affect CPoS results. We will also share common challenges with Degree Works and CPoS set up, as well as best practices to achieve accurate CPoS results. 1 Hour DWF Presentation Emily Panzica
DWF254296 - Degree Works Transfer Equivalency Components Degree Works offers several Transfer Equivalency tools, but which one is the right one for your campus? This session will highlight the features of Transfer Equivalency Self-Service, Transfer Equivalency Admin and Transfer Finder and demonstrate how each tool might support your transfer equivalency needs. 1 Hour DWF Presentation Jennifer Vangolen
DWF254298 - Using Tracking in the Student Educational Planner With the tracking functionality in the Student Educational Planner, you can help your students stay on the right path to complete a degree plan on time. Tracking compares a student’s planned requirements to their completed coursework, evaluates if a student has completed important requirements or milestones by a defined term and allows the student and their advisor to catch issues and correct the plan to still meet their goal. This session will present an overview of the tracking functionality in the Student Educational Planner. Guidelines for configuring and using tracking to measure student progress in their degree will be covered. 1 Hour DWF Presentation Jennifer Vangolen
DWF254300 - Localizing Applications with Composer Composer is a new tool for managing application localizations. This session will give an overview of Composer and how it is used to localize the SHP Scripts, application properties files, CSS, XSL and images used in Degree Works applications. Geared towards the technical staff responsible for managing and integrating localizations for Degree Works. 1 Hour DWF Presentation Jennifer Vangolen
DWF254313 - A sneak peek at the new Transit and Admin applications Several of Degree Works' administrative tools received a technology uplift this past year. PC Transit has been rewritten as a web application, and Shepentry and Surecode have been combined into the new free-of-Adobe-Flex Admin application. Come take a look at these new user interfaces, which will be delivered in the next Degree Works release. 1 Hour DWF Presentation Jennifer Vangolen
DWF255750 - BOF - Validating Degree Works with Your Community OK, great, you have your Scribe coded and set. Even the tricky programs are done. But here comes the hard part: validating the requirements that Scribe will show against what is presented in your catalog and/or the "common knowledge" requirements that advisors and faculty are notorious to use. And here's the question: how do you sort through conflicting information and receive a sign off so the community at large will accept what Degree Works is producing. This discussion is for both new and experienced Degree Works users. Let's discuss! 75 Minutes DWF Birds of a Feather Corey Witt
DWF255944 - Why'd you do that? Reviewing the data being bridged from Banner and how. Have you ever wondered why your extract has been modified the way it has been? Or why the data from Banner is not being extracted the way you expected it would? Well, so has Ferris. In order to address these issues, we reviewed our extract, as well as our Surecode settings to better understand how we our data is bridged from Banner. Through consultation with Strata Information Group (SIG), we implemented changes to our extract and Surecode to improve the accuracy of data bridged from Banner. This presentation will explain our process. 1 Hour DWF Presentation Bob Griffith
Amy Buse
DWF256231 - BOF - Share the Wealth: Scribe It is a fairly well known fact that people learn in a variety of different ways and at different paces. So how do you impart the knowledge of scribe onto your next generation of scribers? What steps can you take to ensure the transition of scribing is smooth to your next scriber(s)? Join us and share your thoughts as we discuss steps others have taken and will be taking to pass on the tips and tricks of Scribe. 75 Minutes DWF Birds of a Feather Stephanie Richards
DWF256256 - SEParating from the Classic Planner At the University of Alabama, we have been using the classic planner in Degree Works since Degree Works implementation in 2009. We have finally upgraded to the Student Educational Planner, and have gone our separate ways with the Classic Planner. In the session, I will discuss the ups and downs of implementation over the past year, what we learned in the process, and discuss some general tips for the SEP. There will be time at the end of the session for discussion and questions. 1 Hour DWF Presentation Brian Jones
DWF256292 - Our Successful Journey from Degree Works 4.1.4 to 5.0.1 Project summary of Millersville University's success of upgrading from version 4.1.4 to 5.0.1. It was not only an upgrade, but a new installation with 3 new Linux 7 servers, Rabbit MQ installation, reapplying localizations, database upgrade, single sign on , as well as encryption offloading. We will review our planning, testing, lessons learned, benefits and where we can go next with this new version. 1 Hour DWF Presentation Tara Keefer
Megan Jones
DWF256296 - Panel - Are Your Processes in the Right Offices? Are your students getting quick turnaround times to their requests? Are you making the most of your time and your professional advising staff? In this session, we will provide our best practices on making adjustments to academic audits and course reviews; completing graduation audits; transfer articulation; and petitions during advisement sessions to maximize the student experience. We will provide tips on training methods and step-by-step instructions. 75 Minutes DWF Panel Discussion Jennifer Lee
Felisha Norrington
Shelly-Ann Williams
DWF256525 - Diagnostics Report - overview and new features! The majority of the time will be spent helping you understand the contents of the Diagnostics Report and how to use it to understand your audit results. We will also spend time on the new features added in recent releases. Note that this session is given twice: reference DWF264786 1 Hour DWF Presentation Raymond Deans
DWF256527 - Enhancements to the Scribe language Enhancements to the Scribe language for the last few releases will be covered. Note that this session is given twice: reference DWF264783 1 Hour DWF Presentation Raymond Deans
DWF256568 - Reviewing the Registry: Degree Works API The purpose of this presentation is to highlight the Degree Works APIs that are available for public consumption and at a high-level show how they work. We will discuss the appropriate HTTP verbs, input types and our standards among other things. This is a high-level review and not meant to delve into and solve more complex examples. 1 Hour DWF Presentation Kirk Beeler
Jeremy Davidson
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